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About "Bittersweet" (original EP)

In the EP "Bittersweet", I explore the duality of life and love. "When Everything's Dark" is a song that expresses the suffering of a toxic relationship, while "Next Sunrise" speaks of the freedom of passion. In "Trap" and "It's Easy for You to Let Go", indifference and loneliness prevail. The EP's single, "Bittersweet", takes on a realistic approach to our perspectives on life.

Released on Feb. 2017 // Recorded at Da Pá Virada Studios

Music and lyrics by Chella

Production and Mixing by Thiago "Big" Rabello

Arrangements by Debora Gurgel

Mastered by Mauricio Gargel

Vocals - Chella
Piano - Débora Gurgel
Guitar - Conrado Goys
Bass - Fi Maróstica
Drums - Thiago Big Rabello

About "Consenso" (original instrumental single)

"Consenso", in Portuguese, translates to "consensus" in English. This song contains influences from different Brazilian and Latin rhythms, as well as jazz harmonies, which interact in full consensus. It blends standard jazz forms with through-composition. I really wanted to smudge the cultural barriers that we sometimes face as musicians! 

Released on Jul. 2018 // Recorded at Da Pá Virada Studios

Music, arrangement, and production by Chella

Mixing by Thiago Big Rabello.
Mastered by Mauricio Gargel.
Piano - Débora Gurgel
Bass - Fi Maróstica
Saxophone - Cássio Ferreira
Drums - Thiago Big Rabello

About "Águas de Março" (cover, demo)

"Águas de Março" was originally written by Tom Jobim, most famously performed by Jobim himself and Elis Regina on the album "Elis & Tom". Here, I sing over a detailed vocal arrangement of the song (written by my dear friend, Pablo Andrés Muñoz). 

Released on Dec. 2018 // Recorded at Berklee College of Music

Arrangement and Production by Pablo Andrés Muñoz

Lead vocals - Chella
Soprano and alto background vocals - Daniela Galindo
Tenor background vocals and vocal percussion - Pablo Muñoz
Bass background vocals - Claude Garoute


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